We use a wide variety of Supercoat biscuits here at Canning Vale Boarding Kennels. We understand that different dogs have different dietary requirements, by having a selection of different foods, they can easily be met. The biscuit that we supply are,

Adult Beef and Chicken– This biscuit is formulated with high quality, wholesome ingredients. With no artificial colours or flavours, and meat being the main ingredient, it offers your pet the highest quality nutrition. Both contain the correct balance of protein, fat, fibre, vitamins and minerals. (22% protein /10% fat)

Adult Small Breed – Created especially for the healthy maintenance of smaller breeeds, this small crunchy biscuit is designed purely for small mouths and helps prevent and reduce dental disease. (22% protein /12% fat)

Lite & Mature – Older, less active or overweight dogs require a low fat, reduced calorie and high fibre diet to assist in weight control. This biscuit maintains the right balance of protein and energy whilst providing an increased vitamin and mineral content to protect against the stresses of life. (17% protein /7% fat)

Puppy – Young puppies can require more than twice the energy needs of an adult dog, yet they only have half the stomach size! This biscuit supplies high quality, high protein and easily digestible food, with the optimum balance of protein and energy for your growing pup. (29% protein /14% fat)


Supercoat BeefSupercoat ChickenSupercoat Small BreedSupercoat Lite & MatureSupercoat Puppy