What does my dog do all day?

Your dog’s day will start at 8 am when our staff come into the kennels.


A security check is done to make sure everyone is happy and well. Each dog is taken out of their kennel individually to have time in one of the exercise areas where there are plenty of toys; this is one of the dog’s favourite times of the day. Some dogs only like to like each other from a distance so it is our policy not to force friendships. Only dogs from the same family are socialised together.



While your dog is exercising our staff clean the kennel with “Delete” Disinfectant (which is environmentally friendly), pick up faeces, change the bedding and give fresh water. Each kennel is hosed out to remove urine and sprayed with “Delete”. We use “Delete” as opposed to bleach as bleach tends to be very harsh on the dogs skin and paws, as well as on the environment. The floors are scrubbed down with a bristle brush and then squeegeed out so the floor is as dry as possible.


Once all the dogs have been exercised, food is prepared and given to each dog and any medications are administered. After feeding, each dog is checked on, their empty bowl is removed, and any faeces are removed from their kennel. Through the middle of the day the dogs nap and have quiet time.



Throughout the day all the dogs are checked on, each dog is given individual attention, a big hug and a treat, and any faeces are again removed. In the afternoon any dogs which are fed twice daily are fed, medication is administered for any dogs which have afternoon medications and dogs are let into the exercise areas, again individually. At the end of the day, there is final check on dogs, a final faeces removal and all dogs are tucked in for the night.