What does my cat do all day?

Your cat’s day starts at 8am when the staff arrive at the kennels. A security check is done to make sure everyone is happy and well. We greet the cats, give them cuddles and check that they are all comfortable and have food, water and litter. We then come back a short while later and thoroughly clean the Cattery. All litter trays and food bowls are taken out and washed & disinfected. Every enclosure is disinfected, swept, vacuumed and mopped. We then give all our feline boarders fresh water, dry premium biscuits, litter and we administer any medication required.


During this time we talk, play and have cuddles with the cats and brush any cats that like to be brushed. We have a supply of special cat treats that we regularly spoil our boarders with. There are plenty of toys for them to play with and we get great pleasure watching them get up to their feline antics!



Through the middle of the day the cats have ‘cat-nap’ and quiet time. Throughout the day all cats are checked on, each cat is given individual attention, a big cuddle and a treat, and any soiled litter trays are replaced. In the afternoon the cats all get a second meal of premium moist food. Medication is administered for any cats which have afternoon medications then at the end of the day, there is final check on cats, and all cats are tucked in for the night.