What is Canine Cough?

Canine Cough is a contagious condition affecting the respiratory tract of dogs characterised by a persistent hoarse cough. It can be caused by several airborne bacteria and viruses, however, the bacteria Bordetella Bronchiseptica, Canine Distemper Virus (CDV) and Canine Parainfluenza are thought to be the main causes of Canine Cough.


Symptoms may also be associated with exposure to certain environmental factors, including irritants such as dust and excessive barking.


Dogs are most commonly affected after interaction with other dogs with the incubation period varying from a few days to a couple of weeks. The term “Kennel Cough” is actually quite misleading in that many dogs will come into contact with the causative agents in environments other than a boarding kennel, including the local park, the dog beach and dog training classes. For this reason many Veterinarians now prefer to use the term “Canine Cough” to describe the disease.



While a vaccine is available to help prevent your dog contracting Canine Cough, it is important to understand that the vaccine is only partially protective. The vaccine aims to prevent your dog from developing the more severe forms of the disease caused by Canine Parainfluenza Type 2 virus and the Bordetella Bronchiseptica bacterium, however, vaccinated dogs are still at risk from the other infectious agents and environmental factors that have been implicated in the syndrome. Although these less severe cases tend to resolve spontaneously after a few days, cough suppressants or antibiotics may occasionally be necessary where symptoms are persistent.


Much like the situation where a child is at risk of contracting a cold or flu at Day Care or school, boarding kennels do present a possible risk to your dog with regard to Canine Cough. Such infection can occur despite vaccination, strict hygiene standards and all due care and attention. All possible hygiene, health and safety procedures are carried out here at Canning Vale Boarding Kennels and Cattery. It is therefore unreasonable to expect that the costs of treating any case of Canine Cough of a dog boarding with us be borne by this establishment.


Please see your local veterinary clinic for more information.


Canning Vale Boarding Kennels & Cattery takes pride in ensuring the best of care for your pet during their stay. Dogs boarded at owner’s risk. Up to date vaccination including Canine Cough essential.