What should I bring for my dog?

For everyone’s safety, ALWAYS bring your dog into our kennels on a lead. We need you to support our efforts in safety and emergency procedures and leave your dog’s lead with us during his/her stay.


We supply everything your dog might require during his/her stay with us. This includes suitable and comfortable bedding, food, water bowls and toys.


You are welcome to bring something which smells of home, like a towel, Tee Shirt, a small light blanket or your dog’s favourite toy.


Please DO NOT bring doonas, pillows, large blankets, bean bags, beds or bags of toys. Due to the cleaning procedures of our kennels, bedding and toys can get damp, which is not ideal for your pet to be sleeping and playing with. It is also impossible for us to take care of your belongings, some of which when chewed make a dreadful mess in our kennels.


It’s really important that we are able to clean our kennels daily, effectively and efficiently. The less efficient our cleaning is, the less time we have to play and care for your dog.